Sunelco Planning Guide and Product Catalog
An industry standard that is
often copied and often borrowed


Planning Guide and
Product Catalog

Sunelco’s Planning Guide and Products Catalog is known to be one of the best source books for information about renewable energy products, their uses, and general information and guidelines.

It is written with the “Energy Novice” in mind and wording and examples are kept simple and easy to understand.

This is a serious body of work and contains over 120 pages of useful information, facts, how-to tips, charts, graphs and an excellent selection of the best renewable energy products on the market today.  

A new edition is released bi-annually with updated information about solar equipment, wind generators, micro-hydro electric systems and hydrogen fuel cells. It is bound with heavy stock that will hold up for years to come and the pages are high quality because we know this book will be a part of your library for a long time.

Although we do not charge for the catalog itself, we ask for $3 shipping and handling. Please note that due to the increase in postage rates, we are asking Canadians to add $2.00 and all other foreign customers to add $7.00 for a catalog order.